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Scalia-less Supreme Court Term Ends With Small Victories For Employers, But Also Great Uncertainty

As the recent Supreme Court term winds to an end, the Court finds itself in a state of flux. The sudden death of longtime justice Antonin Scalia in February, and political gridlock in confirming Judge Merrick Garland, has led to uncertainty as to the future of the Court. In the midst of these changing tides, the … Continue Reading

Point, Counterpoint the New Normal for EEOC Position Statements

Under new procedures effective January 1, 2016, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is mandating unprecedented transparency by requiring the employer’s position statement and supporting documentation to be shared with the charging party during the investigation.  The EEOC’s new procedures can be found here.  While presented by the EEOC as a procedural change, it … Continue Reading

You Pay Your Employees What??? Employers Might Have to Share Hours and Pay Data in Proposed EEO-1 Form

It’s not fair, women making about three quarters of every dollar earned by men for the same work. Latest government statistics show women earn 76 to 77 cents on the dollar as compared to men. Most would agree this is a problem, and would support efforts to do something about it. Now the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission … Continue Reading

2016 Legislative Developments

To help ring in a successful new year, Schiff Hardin’s Labor & Employment Group is back with our yearly update to let employers know about certain upcoming legislation slated to take effect in 2016 under federal law and Illinois, California, New York, Michigan, Texas, District of Columbia and Georgia law.  … Continue Reading