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I’m Dreaming of a Risk-Free Holiday—Tips for Reducing Holiday Party Employment Claims

Group of young and successful people having an office new year party, after hard working year.According to a recent survey, the number one reason employers have their tinsel in a tangle about office holiday parties is how much they cost.[1] But the cost of tinsel and treats is nothing compared to the expense of defending an employment lawsuit. The best way to keep holiday parties within budget—and a business out … Continue Reading

Let’s Talk Turkey: Wage/Hour and Other Laws to Feast on Over Thanksgiving

iStock_000046892818_LargeWe all know that employers do not receive “time off” from applicable employment laws during the holidays. To avoid unnecessary holiday headaches, be mindful of the following issues as you conduct your workplace holiday staffing and planning. Comply with your Policies and Collective Bargaining Agreements Remember to abide by the applicable holiday provisions of your … Continue Reading